How to create the Google gadgets on the sites?

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How to create the Google gadgets on the sites?

If the person is having the full knowledge of the computer and also have the good command on the computer languages can easily perform any tasks on the internet. The one who is from the technical background can easily perform the given task on the computer system on the internet. If you have the igoogle then you might knowing that there are the very small little games, news, clocks, Advertisement, etc are used on the page of the sites. That makes the sites to look the more interesting and impressive. Those are all such Google gadgets that the website creator are using while creating the website pages.

Also it is very much necessary for a person creating the website web pages to be familiar with all the languages of the computer. Actually the full process is depending upon the use of the computer programming languages.  If you have good command on those languages then it will be very much easier and simpler to work on it effectively.

How to create the Google gadgets on the sites

Here are some of the steps that will tell you about in creating the Google gadgets on the sites-

  • Click on to the add stuff option on the igoogle. The option add Google gadget offers the creator to add the number of Google gadgets that are available like clock, advertisement, games, calendar, etc on the page of the sites.
  • Now search for the Google gadget editor so that you can make the changes while adding the Google gadgets on the site page as per the requirements. Through editor you can edit on the Google gadgets so that it may be set up according to make it use in different style.
  • You have to use the coding. The entire programming is depending upon the computer programming languages like .XML, HTML, C++, C, Java, .Net, Coral, PhP etc.

These are the steps that to be followed to create the Google gadgets on the sites.


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