Make your trip enjoyable by playing games

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Make your trip enjoyable by playing games

Road trip is not about only a journey. Going on trip by riding a car or sitting as it is for several hours is really very terrifying. Trip gets more interesting and enjoyable if you try to do much fun. It’s not that only money can do everything. You can play games during travelling for doing time pass.

Games that can be played on trip:

The Alphabet Game- It is one of the very easy games and its rules and regulations are easily understandable. This game is about finding words on any vehicles or also sign of any letter in alphabet. You have one save so that so have to say one name from your save when that alphabet comes up on someone else that finds that alphabet. For example- Rocky finds banana, so he receive a point, Edward finds lunch, she receive point. The game will go for so long till your reach your destination point and you will also not get bored with this game.


The yellow game– this game is all about color also known as colorful games. This game can be played with different colors yellow is not common. If someone has yellow motor cycle then the spotter have to go near them and pinch the driver or anyone else sitting there. School buses, construction vehicles, portable toilets, moving vehicles are for optional pinches.

License Plate Phrases- Don’t get confused this game is not about plate that has written SXYMOM1 on them. This game is to take randomly any letter and assigned it to licensed plates then try to make any word until it make some sense. Try it on the whole trip for your better understanding, DYO you can turn it into Do you Oozy? Try to make sensible word.

When next time you planned a road trip, then in place of sitting mindlessly by watching only cars that passes along with you, play a game it makes you active and fresh for long time.


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