What is Slither.io Game Play?

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Playing game is the hobby for most of the people and gamers. Games are of many types like Action, Racing, Sports, Arcade, Knowledge and many more. Among these some games are single player and some are multiplayer games. Many of these games can be played online and offline. Do you remember the Nokia Games? Those games were made by using Java and were very classic one. Today with new languages and algorithms games are given best graphics and feel to be played. The first game played by 90’s people was the GTA games. We will discuss about the browser game here.

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About Slither.io game

Slither.io game is one of the multiplayer games and is played massively. It was developed and produced by Steve Howse. This game is based on the concept of the most played snake game in childhood. In this the players play the snake avatar. Snake is controlled and is made to collect as many pallets of different colors from the other slither.io players. With this the size of the snake is increased, and hence this is the target to increase the snake size. Player has to make his/her snake the longest when playing this browser game. Do you remember Agar.io? If you did then you will have a clear concept of Slither.io game. This game was liked by much audience and also gets on mobile as Android game in 2016 on March 27. Slither.io game is with some of the sslitherio cheat which makes it to get some features.

Slither.io is having a lot of skins or themes. Each theme is having a solid color. You can choose any one of them when you start playing it on server. Player can also change the look and feel of their snake avatar. For unlocking some of the themes there is slither.io hack, player needs to share the game on Facebook or some other social media.

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Best air fryers make even the fries healthy

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Fried food tastes great and is our favourite. Be it movies or outings we do not like to walk without a few French fries in our mouth. But have you thought how unhealthy and loaded with calories are these fried foods? The calculations would break hearts and make us sad. But with the introduction of air fryers, even fried food can turn into healthy munching. The cooking technique used in air fryers are absolutely healthy and improve our health by not just saving on the cholesterol and calories in our body but also keeping in check the essential nutrients of the food we eat. Checkout the best air fryer in 2016

Why choose air fryer for cooking?

the best air fryer in 2016

Air fryers are increasingly getting popular amongst families as it is slowly turning the fried food and junks healthier. The French fries which used to be stick with oil and loaded with calories are now baked in the air fryers and come out smooth, crispy and without a trail of oil in them. This makes munching healthier and tastier. You can fry fries right at your home without spending hours in frying the food and taking out the excess oil. With the air fryers it gets as easy as cutting the veggies and putting it inside the air fryer only to get in ready in a few minutes.

How to buy the best air fryer?

Choosing the best air fryer isn’t as difficult as it looks. With so many brands and technology making it easy for the people to choose from the features, you can always go for the one which is latest, full of temperature variations and loaded with new technology. Even the budgeted ones can be chosen on the basis of basic usage, the capacity of the fryer and the settings that can be worked on it. the best air fryer is the one which save your pocket and health.

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